Guitar Instruction

Are you interested in learning music? With 30 years of teaching experience I’ve developed methods for learning guitar.

•Note reading
•Music Theory
•Pick and Finger-style

My students range in age from 10 to 80 years old. I have taken beginners and advanced them to higher levels of musicianship. Many of my students were accomplished players when they came to me but were searching for a new insight to guitar playing.

An important aspect of study I focus on is the need for musicality in everything that you practice. You should never practice something that doesn’t sound or feel musical. When you work on technique it can be done in a musical way resulting in a more enjoyable practice session rather than a tedious effort.

Audio recordings are major part of the lessons. Each week I give you examples of our current lesson songs as well as personalized recordings related to the lesson. When you learn songs we record them together allowing you to gain a collection of your own recordings.

Another aspect of learning I stress is interaction with other musicians. I match students with similar style and level for group lessons. I also host a regular playing session with a rhythm section.

I host a yearly recital for all my students to perform.

Are you interested in Jazz Guitar? I’ve developed an approach to playing and understanding jazz.

Over the years a few of my students and clients have contributed testimonials about my teaching. Here are a few.

I am currently teaching in the city of Anaheim Hills in Orange County, California. In the past few years I’ve begun giving lesson via Skype. You may contact me by phone (714) 501-4494 or by email: