Over the years I’ve received letters and emails from students and clients. Here are a few:

“I really enjoy that each lesson teaches me techniques that will help improve my playing, I learn songs that increase my musical library, and we also work on songs that I’ve always liked and have wanted to play. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your encouragement to me to keep improving (while encouraging me to not be “overly critical” of my own playing). It definitely helps motivate me to want to learn more and play better.” — Greg Kling, Student

“Just a quick note to thank you and the group for your performance. Your business chops were very professional; we enjoyed an on time and prepared group, responsive communications, and tasteful music.” — Benjamin Milan, Marketing Communications Coordinator

“On the Mile, Different Lines is fresh music from some new faces. The three musicians, Stu Goodis, guitar, Martin Torres, bass and Marshall Gentry on drums have a real empathy for each other which gives the music a beautiful flow. The material they perform is an extension of who they are musically, reflecting their varied backgrounds and musical tastes while at the same time is fully grounded in the tradition of true jazz spirit. Great listening.” –Joe La Barbera

“Stu, I want you to know that I so much appreciate the gift of music that you have given me and thank you for your teachings.” — Kevin Herzog, Student

“Stu, you’re students certainly are learning how to play music on the guitar, not just how to play guitar.” — Ryan Rost, professional bassist and instructor

“In hearing Stu Goodis playing on his first album which features his originals and a couple of well chosen standards, I am impressed with his lyrical improvisations that are a continuation of the thread of the composition. His lines are well balanced with punctuations of chords that keep his solos interesting. I am glad to hear the art of jazz guitar trio is still alive.” — Sid Jacobs, world class jazz guitarist

“Stu is an outstanding instructor. Engaging, articulate, bringing out the enjoyment that should be associated with leaning to play guitar. Lessons are precise, intertwining playing with theory for a more complete understanding of the music and your instrument.” — Harvey Baker, Student

“I am learning so much with your guidance. I can see the improvements in all of the players. It has been fun to see the group of guys grow over the last several months. I am very eager to keep learning and getting better. It is a wonderful time and there is this whole landscape of musical opportunities that I am endlessly inspired by. Thanks for the help in my learning process. I will continue to commit to the journey.” — Nick Lukaszek, Student

“I’ve been taking lessons from Stu for approximately 1 year and 5 months. I would have to say my style is more rock and contemporary types of music. I was a beginner when I started with Stu. I could play chords in 1st position and strum but that’s about it. After studying with Stu I’ve learned to play some other styles of music like blues, jazz, and classical guitar so I began to listen to music that I would normally not listen to. The biggest change I see is that by learning all these different styles it added many dimensions to my playing ability. When I started with Stu he told me if I just learned songs then my playing would always be defined by those songs so he taught me the elements of music and different styles. Now many of the tunes that I listen to, I just learn on my own using what Stu taught me. The more advanced techniques and theory is what we spend time working on. It has been an excellent learning system for me. In terms of music theory he taught me the fundamentals like scales, intervals, chords etc. as individuals topics but he also points out the theory in practice when we are learning a new song. In terms of physical playing ability I’ve expanded on that by playing a variety of songs that have new elements that I need to learn. Stu identifies approach I need to take and what is wrong with my technique when I have difficulty. He adapts to my limitations but also helps me expand past those limitations. I would highly recommend him if you are serious about expanding your musical ability.” — Van Nguyen, Student

“I have always been very comfortable playing guitar with you, but I was really surprised how comfortable I was playing with the group. And, it was great visiting with the other guys and listening to them play. Like you have said all along – the most important thing is to PLAY!!! I get it now. You can definitely count me in for future playing sessions.” — Greg Kling, Student